Whole Person Coaching

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Lori thinks of whole-person coaching like a bike wheel.

If the center is solid and the spokes even and supportive, the wheel is stable and you have a smooth ride. However, if some of the spokes get bent or cut, over time the wheel can't do its job. The ride can get bumpy!

You can think of that bike wheel as your life, with the center being your sense of meaning and purpose.


Each spoke is one part of your values and what you find important, which is different for each of us.

The tire brings the wheel all together, with support from the center and spokes. You can't have one without the other, and this is whole-health!

Things you might find important to your meaningful life might include:

  • how you move your body

  • how you nourish your body

  • your general health—blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, etc.

  • how you rest and rejuvenate

  • how you support your body with good posture and more comfort

  • emotional health, being able to use your feelings and emotions as information to guide decisions

  • being connected with others

  • having supportive relationships

  • having a positive mindset

  • belief that you can make change, learning and growing along the way

  • have an organized, clean and safe home and working environment

  • how your chose to earn, spend, and save your money

Whole-person coaching lets you see where you are spending more or less of your time and energy. This allows you to make choices that will lead to more balance for you and your life, focusing on what is important to you. Coaching gives you the time and space to explore what your whole-health means to you.


Because there is only one “wheel” that is you, coaching allows you to make a plan for your health and well-being that is as unique and special as you are!

Lori offers whole-person coaching services for individuals, groups, and organizations focusing on whole-health. She provides a safe, confidential, and supportive environment for you, your group, and your organization. She looks forward to exploring, sharing, and designing a plan with you, so you can live in balance with your whole health.

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