Options to Fit Your Schedule

The Collaborative currently meets with clients at the Southdale Physicians offices.

Offices are located at 6565 France Avenue S, Suite 350, Edina, Minnesota.

You can schedule an appointment with the coach of your choosing. Options for sessions include in-person sessions in Edina or remotely via the Healthie App. The best option for you will be determined on a one-to-one basis.

You can contact them directly (LoriKathy) or through Southdale Physicians/Allison at 952-999-4049.


952-999-4049 (Offices at Southdale Physicians)

612-298-3818 (Business Cell)


952-999-4049 (Offices at Southdale Physicians)

612-791-0697 (Business Cell)

The HWC coaches offer a complementary 60 minute session to talk with the coach of your choosing. During this time you'll experience a flavor of coaching and you'll get to decide if coaching is right for you. To sign up, click on the link to the coach you'd like to meet with and you'll be able to schedule an appointment that works for you!


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