January 2021

Refill Your Cup, Work (& Play) Shop!

January 16, Saturday

9 am - 5 pm CST, via Zoom virtual meeting

Pick your reason: pandemic, losing your normal routine, managing distance learning either for yourself or others, changes within work, the holidays, or something else? There is a lot going on and that can leave you feeling like you're running on empty. Feeling drained leaves many of us feeling like we have nothing left to give, like we have an empty cup. Believe me, you are not alone in feeling like this.


That being said, what if there were small ways you could work with and through your stress?

What if you were able to find small, manageable ways to “Refill Your Cup” in the comfort of your own home?

Join Lori for a Work (& Play) Shop to learn and practice tools you can use to Refill YOUR Cup! Based partially on the work from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, these practices allow you to work with and through your stress. Come as you are, in your PJ's or in business clothes, curious to learn and practice...video is optional!

Lori can attest to how these skills have supported her and she looks forward to hearing how they support you.

Cost is $99. If you sign up with another person (just indicate that in your email or phone message,) you'll both receive a code for 25% off!

Yes, support is that important in our self-care!

Sign up for "Refill Your Cup - Work (& Play) Shop" by clicking on the button, or call Lori at 612-298-3818 ----->