March 2021


Stress Less Group 

Connection – Community - Coaching

Do you feel that this winter has been especially "long," even with the days adding more sunlight to them?

You might feel this "long-ness" has to do with a lack of normalcy and not feeling the like the usual ways of working with your stress are working anymore. 

But you can regain calmness... relaxation... connectedness... new perspectives... and learn ways to manage your stress all at the same time. And you don't have to do this by yourself--join this Stress Less Group! 

Within your Stress Less group, you'll have time to share what stress looks like for you and how you'd like it to be different.

You'll gain perspectives from others, learning from them and contributing to the group with your experiences.

You'll learn and practice tools that you can continue to use as a way to balance the stress in your life as it arises.

You'll also experience how tapping into your "why" for motivation can keep your progress going in the direction you want it to go. 


Read more about how the group structure helps to support your health and wellness by clicking here

Winter 2021 Stress Less Group details:

  • Mondays, March 1 through April 19

    • Eight total weeks

  • 6:30-8:30 PM CST

  • All sessions are virtual, through Zoom

    • Come all dressed up or in your PJs!

  • Stay connected in-between sessions via a secure, online chat

  • Space is limited to eight participants

    • Winter special...sign up with a friend and you each receive 25% off!

  • Receipt will be provided for possible FSA/HSA reimbursement. While reimbursement cannot be guaranteed, you are encouraged to submit your receipt!

To Learn More & Sign Up:

Contact Lori for a Discovery Session in one of three ways

  • Take the next through to find a convenient day and time for a Discovery Session

  • Call: 612-298-3818

  • Email:

    • Also contact Lori for interest in future groups, as new groups on various topics will begin on a regular basis!