October 2021

Grounding, harmony, balance, purpose… getting it all back on track


Lori is partnering with Susie from Periquito Adventure Travels to offer you a health & wellness experience like no other...from Tuscany, Italy!

Spend 9 days in one of the most beautiful places on earth… Tuscany, Italy!
This October’s Souljourn to Tuscany has been specifically designed to be restorative and to help you find your balance and discover (or perhaps rediscover) your purpose again! Oh, and did I mention it will be delicious, beautiful, and fun… it IS Tuscany, after all!

Come make some new friends and join the Thrive Tribe! You’ll do all of the things Tuscany is famous for, but with a wonderful blanket of health and wellness wrapped around it!

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Visit: https://thrivesouljourns.com/product/thrive-souljourn-tuscany-october-7-15-2021/


Contact Lori: 612-298-3818 or email her at lorik@hwcollaborative.com

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