Meet Lori

Healthy Connections Coaching, LLC
Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Retreat Leader, and Mind-Body Medicine Group Leader

We all want to feel that we are in control of our health and wellness.


How you achieve your optimal health and wellness is unique to you.


My passion is to inspire you to achieve your optimal health and wellness through a coaching philosophy, driving the change you desire.

My professional background is in health coaching and athletic training. My career began in athletic training, and my schooling was primarily Western-based. It was focused more on how I could support healing in those I worked with and how I was the expert. In essence, it was about what I was doing to support healing, not what the other person was doing to achieve their desired outcomes. While my knowledge served me and those I worked with quite well, it was my personal experience with illness that prompted me to think outside of that box. 

I began exploring other means of healing, especially those that complimented the knowledge base I formed with athletic training. Something within me knew that I would not heal without seeking something different than what I had been trying. I personally utilized acupuncture, deep breathing exercises, herbs, dietary changes and Qi Gong to achieve results with asthma, non-specific pain and its flare-ups, hives, allergies and sinus infections.  I also realized the impact emotions can have on overall health. These successes lead me into the field of health and wellness coaching, allowing me to build a more favorable and constructive partnership with others on their health and healing journeys. 

I understand the hesitation of taking that first step towards the life you truly want, the frustration of setbacks, and the empowerment that comes with the understanding that holistic self-discovery can bring. I am honored to partner with and support you on your health and wellness journey. I encourage you to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me, as a way to start your exploration and to see how health and wellness coaching can work for you! I especially appreciate working with anyone looking to work differently with their stress, anyone recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, and anyone experiencing chronic pain.

On a personal level, I was born and raised near Stevens Point, Wisconsin and now live outside of Saint Paul, Minnesota. When not health & wellness coaching, I enjoy bicycling, nature walks, art and craft projects, gardening, and travel adventures. I am a member of the Pineridge Garden Club and participate in the annual MS150, a 150 mile bicycle ride to raise awareness and funds for multiple sclerosis.


  • Certificate of Integrative Therapies & Healing Practices

    • University of Minnesota, Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing

  • Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program

    • The Center for Mind-Body Medicine​

  • Master of Arts in Kinesiology & Human Factors with Ergonomics Minor

    • University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development

  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Biology

    • University of Wisconsin, College of Professional Studies and College of Letters and Science

Licenses & Certifications

  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • National Board Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist


952-999-4049 (Offices at Southdale Physicians)

612-298-3818 (Business Cell)

Lori offers a complementary 30 minute Discovery session. During this time you'll experience a flavor of coaching and you'll get to decide if coaching is right for you. To sign up, click on the link below and you'll be able to schedule an appointment that works for you!