• Coach Lori

Best Wishes to Kathy!

Join Lori in wishing nothing but the best for Kathy's new adventures in retirement!

Kathy has made the thoughtful decision to move on and into retirement. Here's a send-off note from her:

I have decided it is time to make a life transition to some form of retirement. Therefore, as of July 2020 I will be stepping down from the HWC and Lori will be taking the full reins of the HWC. We will remain friends and colleagues.

All of us collectively have been through a litany of transitions since January 2020 and that will no doubt continue at least for the near future. We are all hopefully continuing to build our own resiliency bank accounts daily. Each day presents us with opportunities to do good for ourselves and others. Please be curious and recognize each opportunity presented to you. I hope that you all will continue to interact with the HWC website and social media platforms and share them with others as one way of staying curious.

I am looking forward to focusing on fun, family, and friends!My wish for all of you is to be safe, happy, and well. Sending you all warm regards, Kathy

Congrats, Kathy! Enjoy the marine themed party photo above!

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