• Coach Lori

Envision Your 2021

Ways to Get Clear on Your 2021 Vision.

With so many changes and transitions within 2020, it might feel refreshing to think ahead to a new start in 2021. However, without a clear direction, you might feel like you're running in circles—similar to a GPS that is constantly “re-routing and re-calculating." Visioning can allow you to set an intentional direction to where you want your 2021 to head, regardless of the outside circumstances (a.k.a. Covid-19!)

To prepare, figure out what space you'll use for your 2021 Vision. Gather various supplies in case you want to use them: blank and lined paper, your journal, markers/crayons/colored pencils, magazines/scissors, tape/glue, something to play some music on, a nicely scented candle and anything else that helps set you up for your particular creative process!

After you prepare your space, prepare yourself! It's always great to come to visioning with a refreshed mind. It doesn't mean a “clear mind,” but rather, a time where you typically feel most inspired. For many, that means earlier in the day or after some sort of movement. Try walking, running, or body weight exercising! Meditating also allows your body to work through stresses of the day and allows you to be in a more refreshed state. Pick what feels best to you. (By the way, meditating can be as simple as taking deep breaths in your nose and out through your mouth, noticing the thoughts as they come up and letting them go, keeping your belly soft and focusing on how your breathing feels. It doesn't necessarily mean sitting crossed-legged with your palms to the ceiling!)

Take 5-10 minutes to yourself before starting your 2021 vision to refresh your mind.

Then read through the prompts below and pick what feels important for you to spend time on.

Don't analyze, just let the answers come to you. Remember that your first thought is your best thought! Answers can come as written responses, drawings, or even as cut out photos and illustrations from magazines to make a collage of what you are thinking and feeling. Or, use a combination of all of these things to make your 2021 vision! Here are some prompts to work off of.

When I see myself at the end of 2021:

This is how I want to see myself.

This is how I want to feel.

This is how I want to be acting.

This is how I want to be saying “yes” to myself.

This is how I want to set boundaries around my time and energy.

This is who I am going to ask for support.

These are the specific things I need to be successful.

This is who I can reach out to if I feel that I am struggling.

These are some small things I can do to get myself started.

If these things happened 6 months into the year, I'll know that I'm on track to reach my 2021 vision.

Give yourself whatever time you need to feel complete your 2021 Vision. Some individuals can do this in 15-20 minutes, others prefer giving themselves an afternoon with movement breaks to continue refreshing themselves as needed. Do what feels right for you and within what time you have available. It's “right” if it works for you.

Once you've completed your vision components, look to see if there are one or two things that feel most important to have in your line of sight to help remind you of the vision you just created for yourself. Take those items and place them in a place where you will see them daily--the fridge, a bathroom mirror, or something similar. Change the items as you need to for motivation, especially if you've been able to achieve what you have envisioned.

This is one way to not only set a right course for yourself, but a way where you can start setting goals and small steps to how you want your 2021 to look like. Taking the time and being intentional around your time can make a world of positive difference to your year ahead.

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