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Ergonomics = Self-Care

Is ergonomics really part of self-care? YES!

Ergonomics is often thought of as making office work-stations more comfortable for the user, which is partly true. However, aspects of ergonomics have the potential to affect us all in different ways both at work and at home.

Think about daily tasks that you do. They could include gardening, shoveling snow, grocery shopping, laundry or other tasks that you need to complete. How you move and use your body during these tasks can help support you in the long term to prevent chronic pain and injuries. In the short term, well, using good ergonomic principles just feels good! Your body is in more neutral postures which means more strength and power to complete tasks, along with protecting the body from repetitive strains. Over time, finding more ergonomic ways to complete tasks can also allow you become more efficient and effective at the tasks you want and need to complete.

Do you feel any discomforts while performing daily tasks? If so, while doing those tasks, see if repositioning your body or squeezing your muscles differently changes your experience of your discomfort. Maybe it’s a matter of fitting the task more appropriately to you. One simple example could be putting the laundry basket on the trash bin while you unload it, so you don’t have to bend all of the way to the floor to reach your clothes.

While Lori offers Ergo Coaching specifically to address ways to support neutral postures in your home office environment, general health coaching can also be a way for you to explore other ergonomic principles to help keep your body functioning and feeling great! A self-care routine that you design, that you are motivated to do, and that’s small and easy are wonderful ways to realize the ergonomic long-term changes that you are looking for to keep your body feeling great!

To read Lori's recent article on general home office ergonomics, click on the link:

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