• Coach Lori

Hope – Connection – Community...Group Coaching

Why consider joining a health coaching group?

Oftentimes, when faced with new or chronic health conditions, it's difficult to see how you might be able to make a difference in your experience. With our human negativity bias, at times it feels easier to focus on what is wrong versus on possibilities that could make a positive difference to what you are going through.

What is one way to build hope and possibility?

Being together, in a group, with other individuals also looking to find new possibilities!

Peter Block defines community as “the collective capacity of citizens to make a difference.” Group coaching, whether in-person or virtual, is all about looking at ways YOU can take control of your experience and make a difference. It is a 'coming together' of four to twelve individuals with common, yet distinct, experiences.

You play an active part in building the group that will be most helpful to you. Topics for group coaching sessions focus on ways you, and the others in the group, can positively self-manage your concerns. From there, you develop your personalized action steps that foster your health and wellness experience. These coaching groups are forward-thinking—working with how you are in the present moment and what you want your future to look like. They are also meant to complement the care you are already receiving from other health care practitioners including physicians, physical/occupational therapists, chiropractors, etc.

The group coaching structure also provides:

-learning from each other's wisdom

-gaining multiple perspectives

-safe space and building of community



In this time of pandemic, many individuals are stating that they feel disconnected. Going virtual provides the opportunity for connection, community and coaching, while saving the time of commuting and the hassle of wearing a mask indoors!

In short, group coaching is a way for you to find hope, connection, and community!

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