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iRest Yoga Nidra - What the heck is it?

Are you ready for some deep relaxation?

iRest (Integrative Restoration) is an adaptive form of Yoga Nidra formulated by Richard Miller. It is a meditative form of yoga, originally designed for the military. It does not involve movement, instead it provides opportunity for self-inquiry. It is not designed to endorse a specific religious practice or religious belief system, so it is available to everyone. By self-admission, Richard Miller’s iRest Yoga Nidra is based on his personal integration of ancient Eastern teachings and his years of work and research as a psychologist and teaching yoga in the Western world.

iRest is a meditative, self-paced discipline of self-inquiry. The process includes initiating and nourishing our innate self- resources of well-being, honoring our values and our purpose, and focusing attention on and developing awareness of our own thoughts and beliefs, developing and understanding our own groundedness. The process also allows for developing our own skills of body sensing, rewiring our own neural pathways, cultivating our curiosity about emotions, and increasing the perception of joy are also cultivated within sessions.

Benefits of iRest Yoga Nidra are extensive. This meditative practice of mindfulness aids in eliminating daily stress. It can help overcome insomnia, assist in dealing with anxiety and fear, and help induce a sense of deep relaxation. It also provides a framework for individuals to investigate and move beyond self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. It can be a helpful platform for understanding who we are in body, mind, and spirit and reconnecting us to our most intimate intuitive sense of self. This can help improve not only personal but work-place relationships.

Coach Kathy from the Collaborative is a Level I iRest teacher. Contact her at or 612-791-0697 for current and upcoming classes!

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