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Mind-Body Skills Groups, an Overview!

This is a general overview of Mind-Body Skills groups and how they emphasize the connection between your mind and body.

Mind-Body Skills groups are a way to explore research-based healing therapies within a group context. Like other group settings, the theme of the group is chosen. Possible topics include "working with your stress" and "receiving a new medical diagnosis." There is a set format within sessions and groups start with a check in, the group leader presents on the skill to be practiced, participants practice the skill, and then participants share on their experience of the skill. The emphasis within the group is how the particular skill has impacted the individual participant--that participant being you! For example:

· What did you discover from completing a set of drawings?

· Are you feeling any sensations in your body as you work through or describe your experience, such as tightness in the chest, an ache in the stomach, etc.?

· Are you being shown that your focus needs to be on a particular aspect of life that you didn’t consider previously?

Sharing within the group is encouraged and not mandatory. However, it is expected that you listen without interrupting others while they are speaking, allowing everyone the chance to be heard. You are invited to recognize how your body and mind are responding to other’s comments, and to take notice of those responses. For example:

· Someone else was speaking of not making progress on a goal, and the you felt a tightness in your throat.

· Someone else was speaking of a difficulty, and the you “just knew how to fix” the other person’s problem. You felt a strong urge to tell them what they need to do to fix their problem.

As groups meet once weekly, the time in between groups serves as a time for the you to practice the skill within your daily life. Within the health and wellness coaching context, we acknowledge that an individual develops habits with practice. This leads to the changes a person desires!

Subsequent check-ins within the group sessions allow for you to share what you learned, and to also share obstacles to practicing the skills. All of the feedback is viewed in the lens of curiosity and how that information is relevant to you.

For more information on upcoming groups, contact Coach Lori at or 612-298-3818.