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Sustainability of Lifestyle Changes

Updated: May 12, 2020

Making it stick.

We've All Been There

If you are feeling stuck with regard to a lifestyle change, it is not uncommon. We have all “been there...done that”. You and your coach can explore your deeper reason for wanting a particular change. Maybe you have gotten a report from your doctor that spurs you to make a change to enable healing to occur. Maybe you have not been honoring your own personal values and principles and you are now ready to live with renewed purpose.

Stages of Change

A key to sustainable lifestyle changes begins with you and your coach first correctly identifying where you are in the stages of change (Prochaska, 2016). For example:

  • Are you not even considering change

  • Ambivalent about change

  • Planning to act within 1 month

  • Practicing new behavior for 3-6 months

  • Practicing new behavior with a plan to support new lifestyle behavior 6 months and beyond

  • It has become a new routine for you; You no longer have to think about the old behavior because the new behavior is solidified

Recycling to a previous stage is not uncommon and is part of moving through the change process which is dynamic/fluid. When/if recycling occurs you and your coach examine the trigger for relapse. You can then thoughtfully construct a new plan. The old idea of changes being solidified in 21 days is no longer valid.

Sustainability of Change

Once you have correctly become aware of your start point you and your coach can then examine the power of routines and habits that will help you move forward to sustainable change/growth. Whatever the impetus for change, you and the coach can utilize gentle self-exploration about all the pieces in your own personal Cairn. You will be invited to consider how your pieces are in or out of balance. Balance provides the stability for a life well-lived.

Prochaska, J.O. & Prochaska, J.M. (2016). Changing to thrive. Center City, MN: Hazelden Publishing