• The Team at HWC

Talking About Grief During the Pandemic

Open and honest acknowledgement of grief can help you move through it. Read on for tips on working positively when grief comes, especially during this time of Covid-19.

Let’s talk briefly about the topic of grief. Some would say that this is an unusual topic for health and wellness but it is part of being fully human. If we are honest, all of us have probably felt moments of grief during this time of dealing with the virus. We know we have!

Everyone is having different experiences and they are all valid. You could be feeling the intense grief of losing a family member or friend. It could be grief over the loss of a job, home, marriage, routine, or lack of seeing family and friends regularly. It could be as simple as missing hugs! It is important to deal with this grief whether it is intense or fleeting.

Kathy was listening to a podcast by Dr. Daniel Amen M.D. (psychiatrist) this week who just lost his own father. Here are some helpful steps to think about when dealing with grief:

- Start the healing process as soon as possible. Don’t “kick the can down the road” and stuff the pain.

- Name the positives in the situation and focus on those so that you can name and make peace with the negatives. Being honest helps you heal because part of being well is telling the truth.

- Don’t medicate the pain with things like bad food, alcohol or drugs.

- Take good care of yourself and get plenty of sleep. While you sleep your brain gets bathed and cleansed. Sleep is the brain's restorative time.

4 Tips for good health during difficult times:

1. Take good care of your body and brain (whole foods, movement, sleep).

2. Model your message of health to family members and friends.

3. Discipline your thoughts and focus on the positive to combat the negative thoughts.

4. Live with purpose.