• The Team at HWC

The Difference Between Curing and Healing

Updated: May 12, 2020

Both are essential, but they are different.

There is a Difference

Curing and healing are connected but not the same. Curing is centered around the conventional medicine approach with visits to the doctor, medications, treatments, surgeries, etc. with the intent to treat symptoms. Curing is based upon expert opinions and scientific evidence approaches to a given diagnosis. Healing, however, involves a much more internal and personal approach that can be separate or in tandem with the conventional medicine approach. The healing process involves listening to your body and being aware of what it is telling you. It includes bringing self-awareness to what brings you happiness and joy. Healing involves body, mind, and spirit. It helps bring balance to your Whole-Health Cairn.

When you picture yourself as healed, what do you see?

Be curious - what does your whole-health encompass?

Let’s explore your whole-health cairn in partnership!