• Coach Lori

Three Tips To Regain & Maintain Your Momentum

Does something feel like it's missing from your 2021 health and wellness plan? Here are three tips to regain and maintain your momentum!

Making your vision board was a wonderfully creative endeavor for the new year. Next, you focused on your vision and set small actions based on what you want for your health and wellness in 2021. You've done some amazing work already--congratulations! However, the excitement may have worn off a bit and your motivation isn't quite where it once was. What can help bring that back? Try these three tips to regain and maintain your momentum!

We'll use my strength training journey for 2021 as an example for these three tips (more on that in the previous blog posts linked above,) and you'll learn ways that I am able to use these tips to help keep me on track and motivated.

  1. Focus on your feelings. Think of focusing on your feelings like going to the casino and winning on a slot machine...”ding ding ding!” The “dings” are a reward for your brain and serve as motivation for you to continue with certain actions. “Dings” for your health and wellness goals could be anything from feeling energized, gaining more focus, a sense of accomplishment, sense of relaxation, more confidence, pride, calmness, among others. When you are successful in completing your small actions, what does that feel like to you? --->In my personal case, these feelings were more energy, feeling stronger, and feeling accomplished. I also found the ability to get more things done during my day on the days I completed my strength training. Even if I didn't feel like strength training, I remembered what I felt like when I finished a session. This made it a lot easier to complete my strengthening exercises (and it can do the same for you and your action steps!)

  2. Ask yourself, “why?” Why did you create your action steps in the first place? What about them is important to you? Is it for your health? While health is a solid reason, I'll urge you to dig deeper than that. Ask yourself what healthy means to you, specifically. For some people it means being able to keep up with their children and grandchildren. For others it means being able to lift the bags of garden mulch and straw bales for the veggie growing season. Each one of us will have different “why's.” What makes your vision and small actions specific and important to you? --->For me, it's important to strength train because I feel less discomfort in the knee I had surgery on when I am consistently working it. At times the discomfort is minor, but other times it can hold me back from doing the things I want and need to get done during my day. While I also know building muscle will help keep me healthy on multiple levels long-term, it's really about keeping my knee feeling its best. This is especially true with biking and gardening season coming up very quickly for us in Minnesota!

  3. Take another look at your small actions. If focusing on your feelings and your “why” aren't providing you with some sort of motivation, it could be that the action steps you've chosen are not the right ones--for now. If the action steps just aren't sitting right, try choosing other action steps. The best part about NOT having something work is that you now know the things to not focus on right now! This is important learning and part of how you know what is working best for you. View it as part of your accomplishments and you make new action steps to try out. --->Gratefully, I've been able to maintain my twice weekly strength training routine. However, it was getting more difficult to complete these in the morning. When re-looking at my schedule, I saw the twice weekly conferences that I attend over Zoom. They are about an hour long and some of the material covered is review. So, I started doing my strength training during my conference time. I'm able to prop up my laptop for easy viewing and listening and I can complete my exercises. I can also stop as needed to pay more attention to the conference. It's a win-win! I'm pairing it with something I already have going on and the conference is a reminder for me to start picking up the weights.

See how tuning into your feelings, exploring your “why,” and taking another look at your small actions may help you to achieve your goals! Can you feel a sense of how these tips could help you maintain your momentum to achieve the vision you hold for your health & wellness? Remember, if something isn't working the way you want it to, you have the choice to make a change. Make it work FOR YOU!

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