The Health & Wellness Cairn

The cairn is a structure built of stones to mark a place or a waypoint along a path. In the case of the HWC, the cairn contains your building blocks that include items such as: life purpose, physical, mental, social/emotional, spiritual, relationships, community, nourishment, finances, and more. We think of life purpose as the foundation stone because it defines what is consistently meaningful to our core being. We think of the physical aspect as the top stone, because its stability relies on how the stones below it fit together and support one another. Your health & wellness cairn guides you towards balance, and your cairn is specific to you. You build, and rebuild, your cairn for how you want to live your life.

The cairn, then, becomes an invitation to explore all aspects your life and their interconnections. The health & wellness coaching approach used at the HWC allows you to explore the unique cairn that is your life.